Looking for an NPS Alternative?

NPS With a Twist - customer satisfaction - MirrorWave

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a widely known approach - however, if you're looking for even greater competitive advantage, MirrorWave provides a unique and powerful difference:

  • Consider an alternative to post encounter surveys
  • Add value by focusing on multi-step experiences (episodes) and relationships over time
  • Willingness to recommend isn’t for everyone, what are the more strategic alternatives?
  • How about being able to deep dive into individual feedback stories, based on three simple open questions which can be far more powerful than a rating score
  • Get more than empty benchmark scores by hearing the true customer voice
  • Hear customer feedback in their own words, and better yet - the feedback is attributed (non-anonymous) so you can respond directly to address any issues raised
  • Find out what is changing and why, by 'following' people over time
  • Consider the idea of long data or joined up stories over time. Truly understand the customer experience by following participants at an individual level

Find out how to gain fresh, more valuable insights and business outcomes using MirrorWave.  To find out more, complete this form to download the whitepaper.