About MirrorWave: A Feedback System For Customers & Partners

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MirrorWave is an innovative relationship strengthening company with a truly fresh approach, delivered by very experienced people. The first in the world to commercialise and specialise in the longitudinal ‘following’ method to unlock the potential in business relationships.

Celebrating 10 years - MirrorWaveIn February 2019 it was 10 years since we founded MirrorWave.

Over that time, across all the programs we’ve ever run, we’ve helped businesses halve the number of dissatisfied people and more than double (2.3x) the number of highly satisfied people.

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Our background

MirrorWave is a private company founded by Reg Price and Jeannie Stewart, a team with extensive experience in the areas of customer research, customer experience management (CEM) and customer relationship management (CRM).

Reg and Jeannie have worked with a variety of large multi-national organisations in South East Asia, Australasia, Europe and North America.

The need for a new approach

As consultants, Reg and Jeannie saw time and again how poorly organisations listened to their stakeholders - customers, partners and employees. It was clear that what should be a positive outcome for both sides did not meet the promise. They found that, ironically, listening and responding was done so badly by most that it weakened relationships rather than strengthen them as was intended.

People in the organisations they worked with were also frustrated by 'death by PowerPoint’. As one very practical manager once shared with them - "all I want to know is what's different from last time, why it's different; what do I need to do and whether it worked".

Deeper research by the MirrorWave founders showed that everyone is cynical about giving feedback and most relationship managers are embarrassed by it.

That's because:

  • Organisations prefer to talk rather than listen
  • Everyone wants snapshots, but few look for ongoing stories
  • Most feedback falls into a black hole and nothing happens
  • They also found that expectations are so low, that those who do an outstanding job of it get results.

As a result, MirrorWave was launched in 2009 with the determination to 'transform how organisations listen and respond to their stakeholders'.

Since that time they have rapidly built their client base and have engaged an experienced team of people around the world to enable companies anywhere to benefit from MirrorWave's unique approach to strengthening stakeholder relationships.

Our People

With their operations centre in New Zealand, MirrorWave’s international team works directly and with partners across the U.S., Europe, Africa and Australia. Led by co-founders Jeannie Stewart and Reg Price, the MirrorWave team of Value Maximisers and Program Managers work closely with clients to unlock potential in their business relationships.


Jeannie StewartJeannie Stewart

Co-founder and Company Director | New Zealand

Connect with Jeannie on LinkedIn

I founded MirrorWave with business partner, Reg Price, to enable organisations to get into a rhythm of listening, communicating and acting – to build stronger relationships so that retention, productivity and advocacy soon follow.

With clients in New Zealand, Australia, Germany, South Africa, UK, USA and Asia, MirrorWave is the first company in the world to specialise in applying to business the longitudinal re-contact approach.

At MirrorWave I’m responsible for:

  • Leading the program management team to ensure effective delivery as promised to clients
  • Developing data visualisation, task and promises management applications to systematise processes and consultancy
  • Managing operations and platform/process development

My background is in Operations, Program Development, CRM and Customer Experience and I’m passionate about challenging traditional methodologies to change the way organisations listen and respond to their various stakeholders.


Reg Price - MirrorWave Director & Co-FounderReg Price

Co-founder and Company Director | New Zealand

Connect with Reg on LinkedIn

Together with my business partner Jeannie Stewart, we have founded MirrorWave, a unique approach which unlocks relationship potential by following, listening and responding to people over time. We’re the first in the business world to bring CRM, customer experience and research together using the longitudinal method.

I have previously worked as an advisor on customer strategy, engaged with clients in a variety of sectors to find new sources of customer management effectiveness and productivity. It’s a fascinating field in which I have published a range of specialist articles in and around the topic of customer management, customer focus and reliability, culminating in the publication of my first book on the topic called ‘Reliability Rules’, co-authored by Prof Don Schultz of Northwestern University.

At MirrorWave I’m responsible for:

  • Engaging with innovative managers and partners on how to create advantage with MirrorWave
  • Thought leadership and publications
  • Working with our global team of consultants.

My strong interest is in the use of ‘followship’ to form change-based strategy for best managing customer partner or employee relationships and experiences.

Our People in Print

One of our founders Reg, co-authored a book on promises management, which was an important factor in his decision to embark on the MirrorWave Journey.

THE BOOK: Reliability Rules

The ground-breaking manual for using promises management to keep customers, build your brand and grow your business has been critically acclaimed by experts around the world.

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