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“Thank you again for the support, service and amazing customer data we’ve received from MirrorWave.


We are deeply impressed with the tool, analytics and insights it’s provided on our BidPal customer needs.


The data is actionable and has provided a great roadmap to improve our business and customer experience.”







Kelly Velasquez-Hague

Regional VP - West, BidPal®, USA



 Our Clients

We're really proud of the great work we do with our clients – here is a selection of the companies we work with.MirrorWave Clients - 2017


We’ve assembled some short success stories from the client work that we’ve done, to illustrate the way we work and the results we get.


Employee conversation reverses growth direction

By involving all staff in a conversation about growth, the firm reversed its growth direction by doing nothing other than drawing attention...


Sparking employee conversations

Improving retention by following staff engagement with the purpose of their organisation


Open feedback is transformative for employees & managers

Turning a potential negative into a positive opportunity, with an attributed (not anonymous) approach to employee feedback


3 open ‘voice’ questions better than 150 closed ones

Asking just a few open, ‘voice’ questions can give more insightful and actionable feedback than asking 150 closed ones


Following individual employee journeys reverses disillusionment

Creating a positive feedback experience for employees with a centrally managed, yet individual approach


Acting on sentiment churn leads to large sale

By carefully tracking the churn of people in accounts the GM unexpectedly found and quickly closed one of the biggest sales of the year,...


Collaboration & routine around feedback triples delighted customers

By building MirrorWave feedback and action taking into the existing routines of the company, to achieve good collaboration across sales and...


Cross-functional focus improves customer satisfaction

By making MirrorWave part of the company’s cross-functional routines, customer feedback is now at the heart of its values


Properly communicating progress shows real listening

‘Communicate, communicate, communicate’ is the catch cry for this technology firm to show it is listening


Customer listening adds new revenue streams

Aware of the dangers of acquiring and onboarding new customers, this business owner has maintained a high rating all the way through and...


Positive process inspires feedback participant

A MirrorWave participant was so impressed with his MirrorWave experience that he advocated the process with his own organisation.


Widely visible customer feedback drives sales & retention

Getting open and transparent feedback from customers as a senior priority saved 3 key accounts and generated new sales


Mapping out complex accounts boosts retention & sales

How going more deeply into an account can flush out sales opportunities


Taking good response rates to the next level

How a commitment to listening and taking action improved the partner relationship, and response rates reached near unprecedented levels


Two way feedback reveals unexpected partnering insights

Looking at both sides of a partnership reveals unexpected internal insights about what it takes to truly partner


Team focus drives outstanding response rates

A tightly coordinated team can easily overcome the widespread scepticism about surveys and get high response rates by showing that they are...


Regular two way touchpoints get early shot at business

In a political environment a civil engineering firm has been able to shape a more collaborative partnership with large government clients


Dedicated Project Manager turns around results

This tech company acts as an intermediary between doctors and insurance companies. Their MirrorWave program looks at the experience of both...


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