“You can’t manage what you don’t measure and Mirrorwave has given us the means to objectively manage our partner relationships.”






John Luff

Director, Border Express



MirrorWave clients are serious about their relationships

We follow their individual customers, employees or partners over time so that we can understand what's changing, why it is changing and what’s working.

Any on-going process can be followed over time by MirrorWave, relationships, experiences, cycles, implementations or change processes.

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Following Customers Using MirrorWave

MirrorWave is a powerful tool for understanding and managing individual customer relationships.

Deep long term business relationships

Where there is a resource managing an individual relationship, like an account manager or a service representative, MirrorWave provides a valuable barometer of what the customer is thinking over time. Churn in relationship managers is inevitable, so having a long-term history of the customer’s sentiment that is visible and accessible makes handovers more manageable and valuable personal knowledge that is built up over many interactions is not lost to the company when someone leaves.The regular pulse enables an informed individual response when there a problem because the history can easily be seen. It’s an opportunity to interact with customers in a way that reinforces your desire for a caring, communicative relationship, whether their feedback is positive, negative or ambivalent.

Rapid and decisive 1:1 response impresses

Like all MirrorWave programs, individual pieces of feedback are routed as action items by the MirrorWave platform via email, to the people who are nominated in advance with agreed guidelines to respond rapidly 1:1. Such a rapid and decisive response surpasses participant expectations and really demonstrates keen listening. This is usually a team effort, where a concentrated effort is put into getting into a rhythm of listening and responding.

Revealing stories complement B2C stats

Consumer marketers have relationship management needs too, especially because they do not always have direct interaction with their end consumers. We help bring consumers alive with our unique method for individual story telling.

Following Employees Using MirrorWave

Employee MirrorWave brings a fresh approach to engagement surveys, involving employees in important conversations and following key human resource management processes.

Engagement, retention and sparking conversations

Retention of quality staff is a critical measure of ROI and companies need to understand if the expectations of employees are matched by their experiences. Rather than finding out about problems at an exit interview when it’s too late, MirrorWave enables you to regularly pulse your people and to get on top of any potential issues that may contribute to defection without resorting to long, annoying engagement surveys. Instead, MirrorWave helps spark open and positive conversations between employees and their team leaders.

Conversations of shared purpose

MirrorWave makes it easy to run a conversation of shared purpose, where employees can be involved in adding their voice to important company issues. By dispensing with the traditional anonymity, you can follow what individuals are thinking and how this is changing over time. Involvement leads to action, so Employee MirrorWave helps you achieve positive business outcomes by getting your people more involved in the company matters in which they have a shared sense of value.


Using MirrorWave you can listen, in real time to new joiners about their experience, what worked and what didn’t. Improvements can be made in areas like recruitment, orientation and initial training thereby ensuring the first 3-6 months of a new joiner’s journey is a positive experience; enabling them to get up to speed quickly and become advocates of the company.

Learning and development

MirrorWave can accurately track individuals’ feedback through learning and development programs as they participate. Then at set points after completion, you can assess the value of specific programs over time and make improvements in a timely manner, therefore optimising this critical spend. Also much of the time taken in the data collection can be reduced.

Talent management

By using MirrorWave you can tell how a talent management program is working and what needs to be changed. Using the feedback loop tool ensures the changes are implemented and then re-assessed to reflect improvements suggested by those on the program.

Following Partnerships Using MirrorWave

Partnership MirrorWave unlocks deeper, more transparent, long lasting, two-way relationships by following people on both sides of the partnership over time.

Partnerships are two-way- like your listening needs to be

People participate in an attributed (not anonymous) partnership feedback family which asks them to answer just three questions say twice a year. It is a unique two-way process as these participants are drawn from deep within both sides of the partnership, and this is what makes Partnership MirrorWave unique. The questioning usually relates to the effectiveness of the partnership and elicits both the positives and negatives in their own words, as they see it. This is a listening system that reflects the spirit of partnering.

Improvement comes from within and outside

It’s too easy for a provider to be blamed when a partnership isn’t reaching its potential- MirrorWave shows that many of the root causes are mutual and sets both sides of a partnership on a pathway to work together more effectively in the pursuit of common goals.

Following Strategic Accounts Using MirrorWave

Using MirrorWave, feedback from a strategic account comes from the range of people in the strategic account with whom your company has contact because each of them has a unique view point, based on how they interact with the company and the people they deal with.

Map out changing sentiment in an account

Using MirrorWave, you can create a ‘change grid’ map of the sentiment people in a strategic account. A map like this presents a balanced view of both the positives and negatives and how that is changing over time. This helps isolate the negative pockets in the account which need addressing, but it is often the positives that are most illuminating for managers on both sides. That’s because the negatives get the most day-to-day air play and the positives are rarely recorded, let alone celebrated.

Taking the results back

MirrorWave offers a range of processes to make it easy for clients to get to action. ‘Taking the Results Back’ is particularly valuable for strategic accounts because it is hard for both the client and you the provider to know exactly what is going on with such a complex ecosystem of interactions. The MirrorWave guidance system offers an automated way of reporting on an account and suggesting processes and templates to present results back to a client and to agree an action plan.

Following Projects Using MirrorWave

Implementation MirrorWave provides a single unified picture at key points in time - across multiple stakeholder groups - easily catering for people changes.

Understanding a consistently changing ecosystem

In large implementations/ projects, it’s hard to see what various stakeholders in a complex ecosystem of a long-term project are thinking at any given phase …and they keep changing as people come in and out of the project.

To address these challenges, MirrorWave gathers and consolidates feedback by following individuals over the phases in the project they are involved in. By asking the same questions and applying analytics across groups and phases of a project - changes and patterns can be discerned and comparisons made with ease, not just within one project, but across several.

Knowing what’s working

Responding to people’s issues needs to be fast, decisive and easy. As with other modes of MirrorWave our Close the Loop system gets feedback to the right people immediately, they can respond 1:1 and with good frequency, problems are nipped in the bud before they escalate. Part of that process is to keep track of actions taken with each individual, and then show how and why their score changes with subsequent waves, which helps determine if their issues are being addressed successfully. This brings the accountability required in a complex and high value project.

Maintaining open, honest relationships

Since MirrorWave’s feedback is not anonymous and is openly shared, a more mature and constructive attitude results, which strengthens relationships across the board.

Following Experiences Using MirrorWave

Experience MirrorWave is specifically designed to follow individual experience journeys, so that individual and bigger picture improvements can be made. Designing and managing experiences is an important and widely embraced way to do better business, which can be applied to customers, employees or partners.

Experiences are individual journeys

In any experience there’s a start point, phases in that journey where there may be in each a variety of touch points or encounters, an endpoint and often a follow through period. An example is the employee on-boarding experience, but consumers and business customers also pass through experiences. This could include frequent, repeat experiences like visiting an outlet or branch, booking a flight, an annual insurance renewal or the lease and replacement of office equipment. Some experiences are highly significant for customers, such as purchasing a home, signing a commercial loan or taking new offices.

MirrorWave’s longitudinal method is perfect for following individuals through an experience, so that you can understand what they are undergoing, but also creating an opportunity to intervene.

The same phases but different people at different times

A logistical challenge in monitoring experiences is that different people are going through similar experience phases but delivered at different times by different people. Experience MirrorWave not only traces individual experience journeys, but also looks at the aggregated picture of how experiences as a whole impact sentiment- which phases are a poor experience and which lift sentiment

Understanding value creation 

Most experiences create perceptions of value further down the line (or not). By following individual journeys, it is possible with MirrorWave to see how an earlier experience creates a downstream impact by pulsing participants some time after the journey.

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