It’s 10 years this month since we founded MirrorWave.

We are proud to have supported clients around the world with MirrorWave longitudinal feedback data. These histories that have enabled the following and strengthening of deep, enduring relationships – some for more than eight years.

People hate surveys, but love being listened to has been our catch cry.

We crunched the numbers on what we have achieved over our ten years, across all the programs we have run, and this is the summary.

On average, we have helped businesses:

  • Halve the number of dissatisfied people
  • More than doubled (2.3x) the number of highly satisfied people.

And in terms of business outcomes, we have numerous stories from our clients where they have achieved outstanding results, including:

  • Saved unexpectedly vulnerable relationships
    A Strategic Account MirrorWave client achieved an ROI in their first wave of 24x by saving an unexpectedly vulnerable key client.
  • Reduced cost-to-serve
    A Customer MirrorWave client tripled the number of ‘delighted’ clients and halved the number of dissatisfied ones over 3 years reducing the stress and strain on the customer service team and keeping head count level by nipping in the bud potentially time consuming customer issues.
  • Turned terrorists into advocates
    A Customer MirrorWave client turned an active detractor and former key client into a vigorous and supportive advocate by accepting that they had stopped listening because the client kept complaining about the same ongoing problem which had been given insufficient leadership attention to resolve.
  • Sold more and gained a greater share of their wallet
    A senior manager at a Strategic Account MirrorWave client visited a key contact who felt they had fallen between the cracks because of churn in the team. One of the biggest sales of the year, not registered as an opportunity, was secured, instead of it going to a competitor.

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