Why on earth would you ask for feedback if you don’t know who the person is? How can you do much to respond if you don’t know who the person is?

This is the big divide between market research and relationship management. Market research sees itself in the business of generating data and insights. Relationship management sees an opportunity to strengthen relationships by doing a great job of listening and responding 1:1.

The big argument is that respondents (horrible word that one – we prefer ‘participants’) won’t answer honestly if they know that their name is being put against their comments, but our experience is the opposite. In fact, these days, customers, partners and employees want, and even demand, their feedback is attributed. Granted, it’s important that potentially sensitive feedback goes to the right level.

This means that the challenge then is to get your organisation into a rhythm of listening and responding, so that how you handle feedback becomes a signature – an integral part of the way you do business.

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