Action Taking Planning Process



Choose something to get to action on, e.g. a theme from the feedback, and be guided through a process of detailing and recording the action to be taken, which feedback members it relates to and tasks to be completed.

The Action Taking Planning Process is a three step process to: ​

  1. Detail what needs to happen
  2. Link feedback members to the action plan, and ​
  3. Assign tasks to people to carry it out

You are able to see, in future feedback, what effect the action taken has had on the sentiment of those identified.

An Action Plan can be created from a number of areas:

  • From ‘Comments of Interest’
  • From a list of people
  • From the 'Action Taking Planning Process' tab

Step One: Identify the action to be taken

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Step Two: Review the list of feedback members

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Step Three: Assign tasks to carry it out

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See all Action Plans

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For more information, please contact your Program Manager or Jeannie Stewart