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Following strategic accounts using MirrorWave

Using MirrorWave, feedback from a strategic account comes from the range of people in the strategic account with whom your company has contact because each of them has a unique view point, based on how they interact with the company and the people they deal with.

Map out changing sentiment in an account

Using MirrorWave, you can create a ‘change grid’ map of the sentiment people in a strategic account. A map like this presents a balanced view of both the positives and negatives and how that is changing over time. This helps isolate the negative pockets in the account which need addressing, but it is often the positives that are most illuminating for managers on both sides. That’s because the negatives get the most day-to-day air play and the positives are rarely recorded, let alone celebrated.

Taking the results back

MirrorWave offers a range of processes to make it easy for clients to get to action. ‘Taking the Results Back’ is particularly valuable for strategic accounts because it is hard for both the client and you the provider to know exactly what is going on with such a complex ecosystem of interactions. The MirrorWave guidance system offers an automated way of reporting on an account and suggesting processes and templates to present results back to a client and to agree an action plan.

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