Join the MirroWave Partner Network


Join the MirrorWave Partner Network


 Partner with MirrorWave

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We’ve proven that there’s big business potential to be unlocked in relationships with customers, employees and partners.

We need your help to unlock this potential globally.

Our unique system follows individual relationships over time to see what is changing and why, ensures action is taken quickly and decisively, and the outcomes clearly understood. MirrorWave is an innovative and powerful relationship strengthening approach, the first in the business world to use the longitudinal method.

Partners we work with:

  • Management consultants advising in customer, experience, human resources or partnering and wanting to leverage their existing client base with a new and innovative offering which complements the advice they already give
  • ICT consultancies wanting to add a synergistic string to their bow
  • Research companies wanting to provide innovation, work across different stakeholder groups and extend their businesses beyond just providing information.

Benefits of joining the MirrorWave movement

Leverage your network for a recurring passive income

Your network is your greatest asset. Here’s a chance to leverage it by advocating MirrorWave for those clients it would benefit. Get as involved as you want to, retaining your links but also getting a passive income stream.

Increase your competitive advantage

Offer something new, effective and complementary to your existing practice- another string to your bow. Generate a profitable, recurring and contracted revenue stream.

Work with an industry-leading expert team

Demonstrate innovation by bring a fresh approach to your client base. Cross-pollinate with our experienced subject matter experts. Extend the competencies of your key middle range employees.
Boost your client exposure Get regularly exposed to clients because of the long MirrorWave contracts (usually 3 years). Flush out new spin off consultancy as a result of the issues MirrorWave surfaces.
Attract new clients Use MirrorWave’s uniqueness to attract new clients through new channels with a fresh message.



Two ways we can work with you

Market partner: you make warm introductions, we pick up the opportunity and run with it, you stay as involved as you want to with your client and earn ongoing passive income.

Delivery partner: we train you to sell in and deliver MirrorWave programs and we share the dividends according to how we split the work.

Become a MirrorWave partner