Customer Relationship MirrorWave


Customer Relationship MirrorWave



Following customer relationships using 'Customer Relationship MirrorWave' 

MirrorWave is a powerful tool for understanding and managing individual customer relationships.

Deep long term business relationships

Where there is a resource managing an individual relationship, like an account manager or a service representative, MirrorWave provides a valuable barometer of what the customer is thinking over time. Churn in relationship managers is inevitable, so having a long-term history of the customer’s sentiment that is visible and accessible makes handovers more manageable and valuable personal knowledge that is built up over many interactions is not lost to the company when someone leaves.

The regular pulse enables an informed individual response when there a problem because the history can easily be seen. It’s an opportunity to interact with customers in a way that reinforces your desire for a caring, communicative relationship, whether their feedback is positive, negative or ambivalent.

Rapid and decisive 1:1 response impresses

Like all MirrorWave programs, individual pieces of feedback are routed as action items by the MirrorWave platform via email, to the people who are nominated in advance with agreed guidelines to respond rapidly 1:1. Such a rapid and decisive response surpasses participant expectations and really demonstrates keen listening. This is usually a team effort, where a concentrated effort is put into getting into a rhythm of listening and responding.

Revealing stories complement B2C stats

Consumer marketers have relationship management needs too, especially because they do not always have direct interaction with their end consumers. We help bring consumers alive with our unique method for individual story telling.

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