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Partnership MirrorWave



Following partnerships using MirrorWave

Partnership MirrorWave unlocks deeper, more transparent, long lasting, two-way relationships by following people on both sides of the partnership over time.

Partnerships are two-way- like your listening needs to be

People participate in an attributed (not anonymous) partnership feedback family which asks them to answer just three questions say twice a year. It is a unique two-way process as these participants are drawn from deep within both sides of the partnership, and this is what makes Partnership MirrorWave unique. The questioning usually relates to the effectiveness of the partnership and elicits both the positives and negatives in their own words, as they see it. This is a listening system that reflects the spirit of partnering.

Improvement comes from within and outside

It’s too easy for a provider to be blamed when a partnership isn’t reaching its potential- MirrorWave shows that many of the root causes are mutual and sets both sides of a partnership on a pathway to work together more effectively in the pursuit of common goals.

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