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What is MirrorWave?



MirrorWave is a guidance system which enables businesses to ask less, listen harder and do more. It’s a unique relationship strengthening approach, crossing several disciplines - market research, customer relationship management (CRM) and customer experience (CX). In fact, MirrorWave is the first company in the world to specialise in applying the longitudinal re-contact approach to feedback management in business.

Ask less, do more with MirrorWave

The MirrorWave Platform

  • Real time text analytics
  • Longitudinal Azure database
  • Multi-lingual
  • Different pulsing modes
  • Questionnaire engine for email and mobile

The MirrorWave Tool

  • Control Panel 'dashboard' – a real-time change based results visualiser
  • Rapid 1:1 response mechanism
  • Deep dive from charts to individual relationship stories
  • Marketing lens and relationship lens
  • Prioritiser for action
  • Data access permissioning
  • Drop and run report generator
  • Scratchpads to save favourites
  • Resource and collateral bank

The MirrorWave System

A simple, positive participant experience:

  • Just 3 core questions
  • Invitation into a feedback ‘family’
  • Enables fast and decisive response
  • Keep participants in the loop


Makes it easy to get into a rhythm of listening and responding:

  • A human Program Manager for project management support
  • Guidance from a Value Maximiser for strategic insight and advice on managing changes in the feedback
  • Training processes
  • Technical support
  • Built-in 3-step ROI calculator

 Where do we fit?

Where does MirrorWave fit?

Drawing on recognised elements of research, CX, CRM and social:

  • MirrorWave is a platform and guidance system
  • Getting feedback is at the heart of what we do
  • Provide a good participant experience
  • Enable tight, fast responses like CRM
  • Create a sense of belonging to an important process
  • Most feedback is too soft - must be hard-nosed about the money

Two programs in one

By following individuals over time you can serve two very different stakeholder groups and in doing so unlock relationship potential at two levels:

Senior management and marketers are usually interested in the bigger picture strategic insights and the outcomes.

Aggregated data is useful, as is slicing and dicing, but it’s vital to be able to see individual stories to be able to understand the context- otherwise all you have are bald statistics. And fresh insights don’t usually come from the same old methods.

Our longitudinal method sparks new thinking around what’s changing and why and what’s working. Leaders also want to bring feedback to the centre. Stories from individuals are more powerful than stats for challenging the organisation and best supports strategy where better centricity and personalisation is crucial.

Relationship managers are most interested in what individuals say so they can strengthen that relationship and unlock the potential.

By re-contacting them regularly with MirrorWave, Relationship Managers get a living barometer of what is going on in their individual relationships, what they should focus on and whether their interventions have had an effect.

That means problems are better nipped in the bud before they escalate, but also positives can be celebrated and turned into opportunities. Managers with an overview of customer or client relationships also want to be able to see what’s going on, so they can see how to support Relationship Managers and with good granularity see where opportunities lie.

Two programs in one - MirrorWave 

Integration and alignment

MirrorWave’s longitudinal method follows individuals over time, generating voice streams which can be connected up to your other data streams in uniquely powerful ways.

Integration and Alignment - ERP CRM & VOC - MirrorWave

Our integrations allow you to mesh feedback into your business in multiple ways

  • Present the voice of customer or employee in front-of-mind places in your system, where you want your people to live (like CRM)
  • Seamlessly sign into MirrorWave from other frequently used platforms for the deep coverage of feedback included in the MirrorWave control panel. MirrorWave’s user experience is integral, not additional
  • Arm your people with heads up reports about individuals as they are about to interact with them
  • Co-mingle voice and other data streams in ways that flush out fresh insights- for example, sentiment with behaviours and financials
  • Bring the voice of key stakeholders to the forefront so that your organisation is more customer or people orientated. Our Customer Voice First Hub, for example, encourages greater customer centricity by putting their voice first with other CRM and ERP data enriching it
  • Build accountability chains where you can clearly see the impact of an intervention on an individual’s sentiment and also their behaviour. You’ll then understand what is working and what isn’t
  • SalesforceEfficiently run list and permissions processes out of databases you are committed to keep updated. Getting feedback provides such a reason.
  • MirrorWave integrates with Salesforce

Build whole-of-business alignment to your promises, strategy or vision

Feedback should be powerful, holistic and strategic.

Get your key stakeholders coalescing around strategy-level issues that concern them and you. Simultaneously follow how key individual stakeholders like customers, employees, referrers or partners think you are performing against:

  • Your brand promises
  • Your vision statement
  • Your cultural values

Integration and Alignment - customers, employees, partners - MirrorWave

 Following people is good for business