Routine triples delighted customers | MirrorWave Success Story





Collaboration & routine around feedback triples delighted customers

Industry: Business service/document solutions

Use case: Customer Relationship MirrorWave



This is a story of an incredibly proactive client.

Twice a year and planned well in advance, they scheduled time to look at the big picture, to focus on customer nurturing. It was a highly collaborative process, where the team reviewed live feedback as it came in – the good and the bad – to take the opportunity to talk about results and how they should respond.

50% improvement, 50% communication

Not every piece of feedback is an easy fix, it can be as much about managing expectations as it is about fixing problems – and a lot of value was gained by sharing these conversations with the team. We have a saying at MirrorWave, 50% of this is about improving things, 50% is about communicating what you’re doing, making it visible to clients and managing expectations.

This client had run the program for ten waves – and showed the power of chipping away at things. Results were fairly dire when they first started, but over the course of several waves they’ve halved the number of ‘angries’ and tripled the number of ‘angels’.

This story shows that if you create routines and plug away at things, you can see big results over time. It can be that simple.