Customer listening adds new revenue streams | MirrorWave Success Story





Customer listening adds new revenue streams

Industry: B2B services

Use case: Customer Relationship MirrorWave



Shortly after taking over the original business, the CEO of this office hire products company decided to run a MirrorWave program with both existing clients and newly on-boarded clients from an acquisition.

He saw it as a good opportunity to build a profile with his customers, but also to nip any problems in the bud that weren’t being addressed through normal operational channels.

The feedback he received was very good. Naturally, he dealt with any problems that were exposed. Often in MirrorWave programs, the positive feedback is as informative as the negative as it is easy for a management team to dwell on the things to be fixed.

In this case, the CEO made quite a few changes to continue to build on positives and to extend the service even further, based on the obvious foundation of satisfaction and good will. A tracking service to make their service more visible was well accepted.

Other ideas emanated from the positive comments, enabling the company to maintain its high ratings from customers, but to also grow the number of its revenue streams from 2 to 12.