Dedicated manager turns around results | MirrorWave Success Story





Dedicated Project Manager turns around results

Industry: Technology services (NZ)

Use case: Partnership MirrorWave



It has been quite a roller coaster ride, with the company feeling challenged to maintain focus for the first 3 wave pulses of the MirrorWave program.

It was not until one dedicated project manager began driving the program that their program really started coming together. In particular, rapid response delivered through the Close the Loop mechanism became a strong routine for both service teams. Now a strong and predictable process wave-by-wave has been established, for which all team members, including new ones, understand what needs to be done.

Good improvements, especially in IT, were made and participants began to feel like something was being done about their feedback.

Through the project manager’s efforts, the number of participants invited into their feedback group increased substantially to where they wanted it and response rate improved a lot too. Most importantly, they are now seeing much improved results.