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Employee MirrorWave



Following employees using 'Employee MirrorWave'

Employee MirrorWave brings a fresh approach to engagement surveys by following employees over time, so you can understand their employment journey as a joined-up process, not as a disconnected series of pulses. You might follow the overall journeys of your employees or the key human resource management processes they experience from time to time.

Engagement, retention and sparking conversations

Retention of quality staff is a critical measure of ROI and companies need to understand if the expectations of employees are matched by their experiences. Rather than finding out about problems at an exit interview when it’s too late, MirrorWave enables you to regularly pulse your people and to get on top of any potential issues that may contribute to defection without resorting to long, annoying engagement surveys.

Joined up employee journey stories

For good reason, employees are sceptical about existing engagement or climate surveys. That’s because:

  • Too many questions
  • Irrelevant questions
  • It’s a survey- not a conversation
  • Don’t hear much back except meaningless stats
  • Nothing much gets done; it’s about leadership going through the motions each year; they say it’s about engagement- all it does is disengage me.

Pain points for managers

  • It takes too long to get the results
  • Metrics and quotes but no stories
  • The benchmarks are too theoretical- not much you can do with them
  • Once a year is too infrequent to see how things are changing
  • Global measures and benchmarks are fine, but that doesn’t really help directly explain any changes in the results or manage relationships and experiences employees have with the company
  • We end up going through the motions- chasing our people to respond so we can get it ticked off for the year
  • It’s hard to know what to do, so we end up not doing very much. It’s more about the reporting than doing better

Employee MirrorWave is a simple, pragmatic and powerful new generation feedback management and engagement programme for employees. It’s like two programmes in one- a fresh way to flush out new insights, but also a tool for engaging employees.

And it’s remarkably short and easy to complete for feedback family members

Our key difference is that we ‘follow’ people. Surveys are like annual shots in the dark compared to new ways of doing things. Most of your employees follow people in Facebook or Instagram or they will follow people and companies on LinkedIn. MirrorWave is unique in the way it joins up what employees say in each wave of 3 questions into a story over time- we think of this as ‘following’ people.

We do it more regularly. Running a survey annually is way to infrequent to get into a rhythm of listening and responding. We re-contact the same feedback family members regularly, usually between two and three times per year, depending on the volatility of the focus of the programme

You get to know who is saying what. Because MirrorWave is not anonymous, you know who is saying what. That gives a human context to your employee stories. These days that’s what most employees want, as long as the question is pitched at a strategic level that doesn’t make them feel insecure. We know this is a challenging notion for some organisations, so we have a deeper discussion about this later in the white paper

The focus is on what’s changing and why.

The re-contact approach answers some of the most pivotal questions managers have about what employees are thinking like:

  • What has changed since last time?
  • Why has it changed?
  • What should we do to follow through?
  • Did it work?

On-boarding experiences

Using MirrorWave you can listen, in real time to new joiners about their experience, what worked and what didn’t. Improvements can be made in areas like recruitment, orientation and initial training thereby ensuring the first 3-6 months of a new joiner’s journey is a positive experience; enabling them to get up to speed quickly and become advocates of the company.

Learning and development experiences

MirrorWave can accurately track individuals’ feedback through learning and development programs as they participate. Then at set points after completion, you can assess the value of specific programs over time and make improvements in a timely manner, therefore optimising this critical spend. Also much of the time taken in the data collection can be reduced.

Talent management experiences

By using MirrorWave you can tell how a talent management program is working and what needs to be changed. Using the feedback loop tool ensures the changes are implemented and t

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