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Following customer experiences using 'Experience MirrorWave'

Experience MirrorWave is specifically designed to follow individual experience journeys as they occur (not after like CX-Plus), so that individual and bigger picture improvements can be made. Designing and managing experiences is an important and widely embraced way to do better business, which can be applied to customers, employees or partners.

Experiences are individual journeys

In any experience there’s a start point, phases in that journey where there may be in each a variety of touch points or encounters, an endpoint and often a follow through period. An example is the employee on-boarding experience, but consumers and business customers also pass through experiences. This could include frequent, repeat experiences like visiting an outlet or branch, booking a flight, an annual insurance renewal or the lease and replacement of office equipment. Some experiences are highly significant for customers, such as purchasing a home, signing a commercial loan or taking new offices.

MirrorWave’s longitudinal method is perfect for following individuals through an experience, so that you can understand what they are undergoing, but also creating an opportunity to intervene.

The same phases but different people at different times

A logistical challenge in monitoring experiences is that different people are going through similar experience phases but delivered at different times by different people. Experience MirrorWave not only traces individual experience journeys, but also looks at the aggregated picture of how experiences as a whole impact sentiment- which phases are a poor experience and which lift sentiment

Understanding value creation 

Most experiences create perceptions of value further down the line (or not). By following individual journeys, it is possible with MirrorWave to see how an earlier experience creates a downstream impact by pulsing participants some time after the journey.

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