Individual employee journeys are key | MirrorWave Success Story





Following individual employee journeys reverses disillusionment

Industry: Technology

Use case: Employee MirrorWave


The head of human resources for this multinational was worried about the lack of visibility around its talent management program, which was run centrally from the regional office across multiple countries with a small number of very important high potential employees.

To find out in detail what was going on in the eyes of the participating employees, they used the MirrorWave method to follow 30 of their highest potential employees from start to finish as they experienced the different phases of the talent management program.

It was discovered that while the talent management program was briefed in really well and started with good initial enthusiasm, the on-going delivery by nominated managers in the countries fell well short of what was promised. As a result, these important high potential employees were left disillusioned.

In general, the further along the process, the worse the dissatisfaction was, although the perceptions varied a lot from one individual to another. A combination of factors drove what people felt about their experience. Delivery of the program varied depending on who took responsibility in each country and different people had different expectations which weren’t being managed properly.

Previously the program was delivered regionally but with a local mentor. Now the region case manages the talent management program themselves and so they don’t leave it to the different countries to manage.

Feedback is now much more positive.