Mapping complex accounts boosts retention & sales | MirrorWave Success Story





Mapping out complex accounts boosts retention & sales

Industry: Complex consulting services

Use case: Strategic Account MirrorWave



 A large, complex ecosystem

This is an example of where many different people on the provider side deal with the many individuals in a customer account. It’s like a large, complicated ecosystem of people where no one really had a full picture of what’s going on, especially because the accounts are not only complex, multi-tiered and constantly changing, but also global and multi-lingual.

Part of their MirrorWave program includes mapping out these accounts and what everyone in the account is saying, not just the key decision makers. It was discovered that people had distinctively individual experiences, even if it seemed as if the quality of the service was consistent. Different individual relationships could be heading in completely different directions in the same account. Their account maps went further by revealing pockets of negative sentiment and different areas of more positive attitudes.

Hearing the positives and the negatives

This client then mandated a replicable process that made it easy for the account manager to take that map back to the key client decision maker as part of their account management routine. This gave a highly visible and balanced view of the positives as well as the negatives. This was a great advantage because it became clear that the decision makers were only seeing part of the picture- it is natural that they tended to mostly hear about the problems.

By following up on this feedback with the client directly and addressing the issues raised, they were able to save the relationship which was worth more than one million dollars a year.

In another example, the same business was able to turn two problems into opportunities worth approximately half a million dollars each, over one wave!