Positive process inspires feedback participant | MirrorWave Success Story





Positive process inspires feedback participant

Industry: NGO

Use case: Customer Relationship MirrorWave



When one of our MirrorWave program participants received a phone call from his account manager, inviting him to participate in their new feedback group, this pragmatic scientist admitted that he was more than a little sceptical. Eventually he agreed and was surprised to see that in fact the questionnaire was actually only 3 questions as promised.

Once he completed the questions, he submitted his feedback with the attitude that the clock is now ticking and the jury is out on whether anyone is listening.

He was positively surprised to receive a phone call from his account manager the next day. A game plan to address his comments was definitively laid out.

Even more impressive for him was a phone call received a couple of weeks later from a senior person to whom the account manager reported. That manager reaffirmed what they had heard from the scientist and spoke about the progress they were making on his issues.

He was so impressed that he stood up from his desk, strode into his CEO’s office and said ‘we need to do this for ourselves’.