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Following projects using MirrorWave

Project MirrorWave provides a single unified picture at key points in time - across multiple stakeholder groups - easily catering for people changes.

Understanding a consistently changing ecosystem

In large implementations/ projects, it’s hard to see what various stakeholders in a complex ecosystem of a long-term project are thinking at any given phase …and they keep changing as people come in and out of the project.

To address these challenges, MirrorWave gathers and consolidates feedback by following individuals over the phases in the project they are involved in. By asking the same questions and applying analytics across groups and phases of a project - changes and patterns can be discerned and comparisons made with ease, not just within one project, but across several.

Knowing what’s working

Responding to people’s issues needs to be fast, decisive and easy. As with other modes of MirrorWave our Close the Loop system gets feedback to the right people immediately, they can respond 1:1 and with good frequency, problems are nipped in the bud before they escalate. Part of that process is to keep track of actions taken with each individual, and then show how and why their score changes with subsequent waves, which helps determine if their issues are being addressed successfully. This brings the accountability required in a complex and high value project.

Maintaining open, honest relationships

Since MirrorWave’s feedback is not anonymous and is openly shared, a more mature and constructive attitude results, which strengthens relationships across the board.

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