Communicating progress shows real listening | MirrorWave Success Story





Properly communicating progress shows real listening

Industry: Technology services for charities (USA)

Use case: Customer Relationship MirrorWave



This very focussed team has done an outstanding job of demonstrating and communicating progress in response to feedback received from customers.

They understand that no amount of good work spent fixing issues really pays off unless customers see it. Their catch cry ‘communicate, communicate, communicate’ applies internally with staff and externally with customers.

The field force is fully engaged by going through all the comments, identifying key issues and making recommendations to the leadership team. Two people drive this dedicated task force team with a view to bringing the customer voice to the centre and to encourage a customer voice acceptant culture. What better way to do this than letting the customer speak up?

Everyone knows that customer feedback must be acted on and this company has made significant product enhancements, changed training and improved on-site delivery. Most importantly their people in the field are working strenuously with customers to ensure they link the changes made with the feedback given, so that next time they are asked, they will feel listened to.