Regular two way touchpoints build business | MirrorWave Success Story





Regular two way touchpoints get early shot at business

Industry: Civil engineering and construction

Use case: Partnership MirrorWave


The head of operations of a national civil engineering and construction firm wanted to respond to the call by key local government clients to partner better.

The company launched a Partnership MirrorWave programme with selected clients where both key individuals in the client organisation and also the company’s people who deal with them, giving feedback twice a year on how well they think the partnership is going.

It is the intent of the company to be seen as the ‘go-to’ civil firm in each region where they are seen as a true partner based on their experience and knowhow around how things work.

Despite the call from several clients to partner better, not all of them were immediately ready for a full and open exchange on how effective the partnership is. The program coordinator is gradually, working increasing the number of firms involved in the two-way Partnership MirrorWave programme.

Equally, a buy-in process has been required within the company too as there was some concern about how their comments would be taken by their clients. This has spurred deeper thinking in the company about what it means to be a best practice partner and a change has been observed in internal attitudes as they evolve from supplier to partner.

And the results are coming. In the most advanced partnering relationship, the company is becoming more consistently sought for its advice well before a tender, which has saved the local body money and time and enabled the company to play to its strengths and get an early shot at new business.