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Conversations of Shared Purpose



Sparking conversations of shared purpose using MirrorWave

Most employees want to be involved in important conversations - those issues where both the leadership team and employees share a sense of purpose - for example values, vision, health and safety or brand promise.

Engagement, retention and sparking conversations

Retention of quality staff is a critical measure of ROI and companies need to understand if the expectations of employees are matched by their experiences. Rather than finding out about problems at an exit interview when it’s too late, MirrorWave enables you to regularly pulse your people and to get on top of any potential issues that may contribute to defection without resorting to long, annoying engagement surveys. Instead, MirrorWave helps spark open and positive conversations between employees and their team leaders.

Conversations of shared purpose

MirrorWave makes it easy to run a conversation of shared purpose, where employees can be involved in adding their voice to important company issues. By dispensing with the traditional anonymity, you can follow what individuals are thinking and how this is changing over time. Involvement leads to action, so Employee MirrorWave helps you achieve positive business outcomes by getting your people more involved in the company matters in which they have a shared sense of value.

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