Team focus drives high response rates | MirrorWave Success Story





Team focus drives outstanding response rates

Industry: Insurance

Use case: Partnership MirrorWave 



Strengthening relationships by showing listening

Insurance advisors play a big role for their client in deciding what insurance company to use. This insurance company realised the need to be across the value and strength of their adviser relationships. So they committed to a MirrorWave feedback program, with the explicit objective of strengthening these relationships and showing advisors they were being well listened to.

People at the interface with advisers were very well briefed initially. These people were very attentive to personally inviting advisers into the ‘Talkback’ program. It was a simple, but effective communications process, achieving almost a very good response rate of 90% in the first wave.

To avoid losing momentum, on-going emphasis was placed on bringing new people up to speed as they joined the business or came on as new advisers.

Getting into a rhythm of listening and responding

This company stands out for having tight wave-based routines, so they’re also highly organised and coordinated in taking action as a result of the feedback received from advisors. This has helped them hardwire MirrorWave into the way they do business and get into a good rhythm of listening and responding to their advisers. For example they hold whole-of-team meetings at the same time in each wave process to consider the results and suggest actions.

The results

They achieved a big lift in the overall results in the second wave, compared to the first (for example, over a third of the advisers rated the company higher in the second wave). They have also have been voted Insurer of the Year two years in a row.