Introducing Mirrorwave

MirrorWave offers a unique way of following individuals over time for BOTH parties in a partnership.

Making Listening & Responding Easy

Feedback Management in Business: Jeannie Stewart talks about two perspectives to making listening and responding easy.

Introducing 'Customer Sutra'

Introducing MirrorWave’s 9 tips for using data to make the earth move for customers, with Customer Sutra!

5 Considerations for Leaders: To Build a Customer Centric Organisation

How feedback should be easy money. We also look at how to avoid being blindsided, align key stakeholders and more

NPS Has Pros and Cons. Is It Right For You?

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) has its frustrations and people are asking where to from here? We talk about the pros and cons.

Co-mingling Data for Explanation & Accountability

How co-mingling voice and other data streams can flush out fresh insights. For example, sentiment with behaviours and financials

Four Ways to Profit From Your Customer Base

This four-way model to driving business outcomes from a stakeholder asset shows how easy it can be to profit from listening and responding

Transforming Your Customer Feedback

In an interview with US-based Laura Sikorski of CustomerThink, we talk participants vs respondents, the power of asking just 3 Qs & more...